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Monday More Iciness

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Monday More Iciness
  • 3 days worth.
    Low temps in the 20's and freezing rain.
    No unnecessary travel advised.
    Hoping the power doesn't go out.

    Extra insulation on cattle trough pipe.
    Pump house heaters are plugged in.
    Cows getting extra feed and hay.

    Horses in as of yesterday.
    There was a half inch of much needed rain.
    Missed out on a ride but rain is the best reason to cancel.

    All getting extra hay.
    I broke into a California bale and they are gobbling it up.
    Heavy blankets going on at feeding time.

    Fire in the fireplace and chicken spaghetti for dinner.

    Stude the cart shed is looking fab!

    I hope everyone is warm and well.

  • Well, here I thought the cart shed was coming along swimmingly.  Then I looked closely and it's over a few feet into where Socks' stall is going to be.  So it looks like I have to move the wood pile anyway.  Oh... fun.  

    It has been in the twenties here at night too.  However very early this morning it warmed up to a balmy 37 degrees and we had water to flush the toilet!  Woo and hoo!

    Hope everyone has a great Friday.  We are expecting rain here for a few days.  That's a good thing.