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SUnday Rain

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SUnday Rain
  • Looks liike there will be rain all day. Almost a half inch so far and in the 30s. Horses may be in the barn most of the day.

    Last time I had square bales delivered was January 2021. 75 bales at $6 each. That hay lasted until this past December. Purchased 30 bales December 12, 2022 and had to buy 40 more January 7. Our square bale dud retired and hay is hard to find. Have to go get it now and it is $12.50 a bale. OUCH! Paying a middle man now which doesn't help. Hay is nice but is not packed tight so one bale doesn't go very far. Hope to find new supply this summer and get rid of the middle man.

    New brother-in-law has been working a lot with Spirit. Took all 3 ridable horses out yesterday for a good ride. Hope he contibues working with her. He spends a lot of time at the barn and we suspect it is mostly an excuse to get away from the chaos at the house. We doubt my sister will ever be capacble of riding again. Recovering from 2nd knee replacement now and suspect she has other serious health issues she is not sharing with us. Also don't think Starr will be ridable again due to the Cushings. 

  • Yes Face crazy hay prices.

    I used to be able to fill the barn and not worry until the next hay season.

    Now it seems to be a constant scramble.

    The last coastal squares I bought just because it was available.

    It was not the greatest quality.

    Hay man is out of regular coastal bales but has some large 100 lb bales from California at $30.

    I plan to get a few for a buffer.

    Good luck with your rain.

    We are desperate and have 90% chance on Tuesday.

    Along with some 30 degree temps next week.

    Hoping for a short ride today.

    Everyone have a nice upcoming week.

  • Wow DH, we are paying 30$ for 100+ lb bales here in California and are having trouble finding decent hay.  I kinda wish what you found had stayed in the state.  After all, I wonder how much it was before transportation or if the seller was taking a loss.

    Both of you are experiencing what we are here in Soviet California.  We are expecting 50$ a bale in the next few months.

    Still working on the new cart house.  There are some decided disadvantages to putting the roof on before assembly of the walls.  Have a bent rafter and will either have to unbutton a few panels and remove, or hope the location will be supported by the back wall.  I might put a supporting 2X4 under it just in case.  At any rate, it will give me a place to attach the gable boards.

    I have to figure out my next trip to Oak Run.  One of the cart sheds there lost part of its roof and needs fixing.  Not too sure how I'm going to go about it.

    Hope everyone has a great week ahead.