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Tuesday Toasting

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Tuesday Toasting
  • Same heat, different day.
    Hundred degrees forecast through August 9th.

    Sorry Stude, Water issues are the worst.
    Issues of our own here, although not water.

    I took my Rav in for oil change and inspection yesterday.
    The rear tires didn't pass grr.
    The tire place gave Pilot issues the last two times so I will have him deal with them.

    Got groceries and came home.
    Groceries was grr also. Prices high and some empty shelves.
    Did not get much for $125.

    Our squeeze chute was suppose to be delivered.
    It hadn't arrived by 3:30 so Pilot called the commercial address (feed store) where it was to be delivered to check.
    No delivery yet and promised they would call upon it's arrival.
    The cattle company won't deliver to a private address.
    Pilot checked the freight website again later to ascertain when to expect it.
    Lo and behold the website says it was delivered at 4:30. Grr no call from anyone.

    We cancelled our plans today to deal with chute and possibly tire issue.
    We were suppose to meet friends for a celebratory lunch.
    A friend just got her first teaching job. She is high functioning downs so a very big deal.
    Hated to have to cancel.

    Everyone think cool rainy thoughts!

  • Yeah, I can relate to Grocery prices!  The bread I have been buying has gone up 50% to six bucks.  The soup I like to buy is now $3.85 from a  $1.85 last year.  E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G is going up.  We may be seeing fifty dollars a bale for hay this year too.  I don't know how I'm going to feed my horses.  Let alone the dogs ($35 to now $50 a sack) or myself!  I just might become a refugee before much longer.