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Tuesday Two

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Tuesday Two
  • more weeks of 100 degree temperatures forecast.
    Our temp was 106.5.
    The heat is fine just wish these showers that pop up late in the day would actually rain on us.

    Too hot to do any riding.
    Poor Tex is white from salt.
    They have started to come in early on their own.

    We helped C load up their 7 longhorns and she took them to auction.
    Less for her to take care of with R laid up.
    Everyone is doing the same.
    No one can afford feed or hay.
    We have 3 that need to go but no rush.

    Watering is on my to do list today .
    As long as I can stand the heat anyway.

    The fire fighting planes flew over all day yesterday.
    I hope they get the fire out wherever it is.

    Everyone be cool.

  • We've been there with the temps for the last few weeks.  It's going to cool off about ten degrees for the next week and back at it later next week.  Oh... joy.  Summer is here.  George is going to kill me for the electric bill!  I've been running the AC all week.

    Off to Fawn Lodge to see the kiddies this evening or tomorrow morning.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!