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Saturday Shift

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Saturday Shift
  • I hope is a busy one.
    It makes the day speed by.

    A load of coastal squares came home with me yesterday.
    It is nice hay. The last load was left to get too long.
    This load is shorter but the bales are not crumbly.
    We shall see what the horses think.
    They were not impressed with the long stuff.

    Congrats Stude.
    I am not sure what to say to Face, maybe a good mess to distance from?
    A co-volunteer told me of a similar situation in her family.
    People are just strange.

    Everyone be cool.

  • Hard to stay away with this mess as they live across the street and the barn is located on their property. The guy is working on his doctorate so it will be interesting if he sticks around once he finishes that up. They have 3 horses and have done nothing of consequence with them since last September/October. They bought a really nice expensive saddle back then that has yet to ever see a horses back. We keep our interaction at a minimal, which is mostly when it is dinnertime for the horses.