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Tuesday Third

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Tuesday Third
  • week of EPM meds for Jet.
    Pilot and I both commented that we thought his eyes seemed brighter.

    Still waiting for that last calf.
    We are at a full 30 days past the other 3.
    Sugar the cow, was standing off by herself yesterday morning when we cam back to turn the water to the trough off.
    Maybe she decided it was the day.
    Don't let her name fool you, she is the meanest cow we have.

    Too hot to do anything outdoors.
    Be cool if you can.

  • My standie came two weeks ago on Sunday.  He is thin but is gaining.  He is freeze branded so I have his name and DOB...he even had 22 starts.  He bosses Jade but she needs bossing.  He is gaining weight in only two weeks....he and Jade have an armed truce but he wants to keep her away from people since he firmly believes he is the most important.  Dentist coming in a week.  He learns quickly and seems like a good boy.

    his feet are a mess so he will need shoes all summer at least in front.

    Oldest son brought a bulldozer here ( his father's) and did some work that needed doing here....I think he plans on doing more and that is a thrill.  He also brought his family and they tackled some of the yard that I had not yet.  Love family working together.   Banker Ben's feet and butt.  Jade 'cause she is pretty

  • Wow what is up with his feet?

    His butt will be as nice as Jade's very soon.

  • The girl I got him from said they were overgrown....so I have a horse with an Alabama coggins, he got shod in VA and he now lives here in central new York.  Looks like too long, taken drastically back but he travels sound so hoping they grow out and he can eventually be barefoot at least here

  • All the best with the new horse, Connie.  I have yet to get Raven going (foundered) though she's no longer showing any pain.  I have been considering the  urethane boots one  basically has molded onto the horse's feet.  They're expensive, but they will give her the sole support she needs.  She really does want to go back to work.  It's just getting on with it.

    yeah... Jade is pretty.

    I hope the new horse works out for you.