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wild week starting last

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wild week starting last
  • Wednesday.  Echo slashed her head on something...had someone coming to try her.  Told her what happened and dropped her price and she came and got her...A dealer friend thought she had a TWH  nope...he is a Standardbred complete with a freeze brand under his mane.  He is now in my barn.  I have always wanted a standardbred.  Got his registered name from USTA...Banker Ben...had fun tracking down his pedigree...some grand old names in his heritage.  He is thin.  rode good in the video.  Seems to like me.  Tolerates Jade...she doesn't hate him but she wants to boss him and acts a bit jealous.    so, I have been busy.

    Oh, and just for more fun, Car refused to start in the local shopping center parking lot.  Step son got it last night and should have it ready by Friday.  It had a dead starter.  I am now driving the truck.

    Hope all are well, we are due for Rain tomorrow. Just checked and it should start tonight.

    Banker Ben

  • Congrats on Banker Ben. He looks nice.

    They are not talking about it yet but we are heading for a drought. Pastures not looking so good. We have what should be ONE perfect pasture. Horses NEVER go on it in the winter and it gets plenty of time to recover. Problem is, future brother-in-law can't control. himself and NOT cut it. And he is cuttings it with a zero turn which means the highest he can cut is 4". It looks like a lawn. He was all excited when we finally moved the horses up there. They should have been up there for weeks, well, already moved them out since they destroyed it so quickly due to SHORT SHORT grass.  

    This FUTURE brother-in-law replaces the one that COVID took out.

  • Here I am trying to get my pasture mowed...so much rain , but can't get in there and out with equipment because the April storms took down a tree which is blocking the only way to get equipment back and forth from both pastures.....Oldest son Hopes to bring his father's bulldozer here to move that tree and do some other things for me.

    Of course, the BIG pasture is needing fence work.  The pasture closer to home really needs to be reseeded and not quite sure how to go about that.  Will try and figure that out.  At least I have already paid for half of a year's hay for my barn.  As soon as I can get the run in worked on (needs drainage)  I can get a full year's hay in the barn.  So far, most of the farmers around here have had decent weather for their first cutting.