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another Saturday with

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another Saturday with
  • storms in the predictions.

    Yesterday the great odd job guy my son introduced me to came and sprayed the knotweed (bamboo)  then he cleaned the barn.  When we were talking I mentioned the old awning needs to come down and I need a new one and have had some of the windows measured for replacement.  He insisted on seeing the awning...says he can figure out how to take it down...(it is bigger than the deck and attached to the house two stories up)  And he is going back to work full time, installing windows and doors and said he will be willing to come weekends and install my new ones when they are ready...how much better could it be?  I see divine guidance here.

    Firm mind set to sell Echo.  Jade will stay but Echo is so obsessed with Jade that she won't eat her grain if she can't see her....not a safe horse to be around.  She was good alone.

    Been up for an hour.  Horses fed and out.  Birds on deck fed.  Cats all over the place fed...even I am fed.  Now, what to do with my day?

    Have a great weekend friends.

  • Good morning.

    Connie, So excellent to have a good handy man.

    A lovely rump and hip on Miss Jade.

    Our first calf came yesterday.

    White with brown ears. Not sure if it is a heifer or bull. Another due in the next few days.

    The bull we use is mostly white so time for a change. His owners agree.

    Jet seems to feel better but now the worry is Tex going after him for the herd leader position.

    Chica kicks Tex around like a rag doll so he should mind his manners.

    I am off to do my feeding duties too but I usually get left off the list.

    Rain forecast here.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

  • Rain all around us Saturday, like 2 inches in 1 hour, however, we barely got a trace.