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Saturday with
  • Sunshine!!!  Woke up early...cats said, "you are out of bed so you MUST feed us if you wish to continue living."  After feeding them I went over and fed the horses and barn cats.  Back in the house by five thirty.  

    Cal bought me a glass cardinal which I have hung over the patio door,  I feed the birds on the deck.  Pretty much every morning a pair of cardinals comes to get breakfast.  I have seen the sweet thoughts of cardinals being messengers from heaven.  Think as you wish.  They bring me sweet memories and pleasure.

    No special plans for today except maybe I should attempt "some assembly required"  and see what I can do with my new lawn mower...best mow it soon, or I will have to fence it and turn the horses out there.  Might have to get some help on assembly since I am not mechanically gifted but , hope it is simple.

    Jade shed out beautifully, just as if she was groomed daily...Echo looks like a train wreck.  While she stands well to be hosed off, she seems to be terrified of the shedding blade...I think she needs a new zip code...she needs someone one on one and Jade has claimed me.

    Hope all have a great day and so glad to read about Mader Chica


  • Good morning sunshine!

    Thanks for the MaderChica thoughts.

    She is an amazing person.

    Getting this done mostly all on her own, with her family being here in Tx and she in MN.

    Sis was not able to go and attend the graduation.

    She is suffering withe an eye-nasal issue which has taken forever to get diagnosed.

    Surgery scheduled for this coming week.

    My nieces both have done amazing where as the two nephews not so much.

    The boys seem intent on muddling along through life the hard way.

    Sarcee had a fear of shedding blade when I first got her.

    Her birthday is tomorrow, 22 years young. Tex's bday was yesterday, 13 already.

    Jet's bday was Thursday, 24. He is having some serious issues and getting worse not better.

    He had a hard life before I got him and it is showing.

    Arthritis bad, dragging his fronts, seems like his hips are out as well.

    Going downhill fast. I am sadly realizing that he and Tonto may be passing soon but hopefully together.

    Sad thoughts aside, I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend.

  • Send the boys to trade school.  I find our society is very negative towards boys nowadays.  Boy Scouts is attacked and destroyed whilst Girl Scouts are left alone.  Hollywood doesn't help much, depicting male characters negatively so often.  Schools work at trying to make boys into girls... doesn't work out well.

    Do we really need political ads here?

    Glad  to see you back Connie.  I love Cardinals.  We just have Robins and Jays here.  Stellar Jays at that, which aren't so blue and nearly  black.

    Socks is nearly twenty this year!  'Course, he was nine when I got him.  Has it been ten years already???