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Tuesday and a bit troubled

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Tuesday and a bit troubled
  • I let the boys out to play a few days ago and Louie hurt himself on something.  Not entirely sure what happened and to make matters worse, I didn't discover the wound till a day and a half later.  We took him in to the vet and she cleaned it up telling us it could have been worse.  She said it was just a superficial wound and, though a PITA to take care of, should heal without even a scar.  Here we are four days into it and he develops edema on his sternum with an exit wound.  There's actually another term besides exit wound, but you get my drift. 

    Louie is really enjoying all the cookies and attention (boy is Socks jealous!), however he could think of a variety of ways to pay attention to him besides the treatment of this wound.  I just hope the edema is not an indication we missed something.  All the same, Louie seems to be doing well.  The main wound is healing well, sort of.

    Got  the guttering on the back of the barn.  Didn't go up as I would like, but should work.

    Looks like we have a thief stealing the firewood off the back of the property.  Looks like we'll have to get cracking on getting it out of there.  Not very sure How I'm going to go about that.

    We had rain again on Monday all day.  Lots and lots of rain... all day.   Into this morning.  It's supposed to go away for a few days, however doesn't look like it wants to.  I'm ready for it to go away.

    Well, I hope everyone has a great week.

    Oh wait.  I almost forgot.  I was recently cast into Facebook Jail for making the comment, "Looks like the chinks are showing in the armor."  Evil racist that I am, the word chinks, as in a gaps, is now hate speech because some idiot refers to Chinese as 'Chinks'.  We need to come up with a word more descriptive for Facebook as 'stupid' just doesn't seem to be sufficient.

  • Oh my gosh, it looks like we have the same idiot programmer in this forum as well as C-h-i-n-k is starred out.  FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE PEOPLE!!!  It has a valid purpose and means a gap through which light can pass!  GET.  OVER.  IT!!

  • We let our horses out to play just about every day. Couple weeks ago it rain a little while they were out. We have a wooden platform to simulate a bridge for horse training. Fancy was in a mood and decided to cross it on her own. Since it had just rained it was VERY slippery and all four feet slipped. She cut her front foot pretty bad. We think her back hoof did the damage. Anyway, it is healing very well and was able to take her out for a short ride last weekend.

    Looks like a significant piece of armor fell off and another might pop off as well. Trying not to use the CH word. :-)

  • Good morning.

    I believe I fixed the gaps for you Stude.

    I am sorry for Louie's injury.

    Might I suggest hydro-ing the sternum area.

    Tonto's chest injury years ago was serious and hydro was the only tool I had.

    We have rain here also.

    And cooler temps.

    Wedding guests from Minnesota are starting to arrive and they always seem to bring cold and rain.

    I hope everyone's armor stays strong.

    Have a lovely day.

  • Cal was exhausted when he came home from work last Wednesday and got progressivly worse.  I had a Monday morning dr apointment to see if my BP med is working (it wasn't but that is another tale).   Mentioned Cal and his symptoms.  I got him in to see her that afternoon ( he is not her patient but his gal was too busy).  She sent him directly to the ER.  They admitted him.  Seems like a heart beat of 192 is not normal.  That was Monday.  Tuesday he was weak and not showing improvement.  He was scheduled for a "jump start" first thing Wednesday...where they stop the heart and restart it to try to get it back in rhythm.   And.....called a retired pastor.  He asked permission to put him on the prayer chain without specifics.  I said okay.  Then he prayed and I started to feel peace.  Called hospital Wednesday morning and no procedure.  It seems at three in the morning (I am thanking GOD for this intervention) his heart returned to a normal sinus rhythm.  They started him on a different med.  He does see a cardiologist in the hospital and probably will when discharged.  He might come home today, Thursday.  What a week! and it is not even Friday.

    Hey, Stude, I need some rain gutters on the front of the house...you can fly to Syracuse from Portland for $100 my son tells me.

  • Go to Portland???  Then fly to Syracuse Ny. in NOVEMBER???

    Um... no.  Portland would be bad enough.  Have you kept track of what that place is like now?   Besides, Sacramento is closer.

    But in November???  Um... no.  Otherwise, you pay the plane ticket and I would be glad to help.  You'll have to supply everything, including tools, though.  Gutters really aren't that hard to do.  Particularly if your Facia boards are in good shape.

    Then again, I haven't had the jab and they likely wouldn't allow me on the plane.  I'm just one of those unwashed deplorables you know.