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Tuesday Trip

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Tuesday Trip
  • to the orthopedic surgeon for a check on Pilot's knee.
    It cracks and pops a lot.
    He is walking well and able to climb in and out of the plane.

    We have rain chances and I hope we get some.
    The weather is still warm enough for grass to grow.

    Everyone have a tremendous Tuesday.
  • my knees...replaced  17 years ago, work great but are a bit noisy on occasion.  

    Due to the short staffing at the hospital, short because of staff refusing to get the shot, Cal's surgery, scheduled for today, is postponed until some future, undecided date.  So no new hip today and he can barely move...I got him a quad cane and he seems to like it..  He has finally discovered, not that I had not told him, that the brass daybed in the living room is a great place...the back  is sturdy and easy to grab to help with getting up and reclining.