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Sunday Some

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Sunday Some
  • more hay trouble with Jet.
    He started quidding again.
    I had some spectacular hay and he was back on track.
    But the last few bales were from a different cutting.
    I'll have to up his feed again.

    Nice weather here.
    We have noticed that there are no acorns on the trees.
    A result of the big freeze I suppose. It will be a rough winter on the deer.
    And my shrubs. They have already eaten half my iris bed.

    I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend.
  • Had not ridden Jade since the day after she arrived.  Sunday afternoon I put a bridle on her , led her to the set of wooden steps in the barnyard and climbed on.  She was fine with it.  I rode her a little bit...balance for me not what it was when I was younger, and then realized a dismount to the ground might prove to be interesting.  Told her to play statue, grabbed a good handful of mane and slid down her shoulder.  She stood.  I landed on my feet.  She now thinks her name is Good Girl