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Thursday Make Tracks

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Thursday Make Tracks
  • I have to be on the move today.
    B asked me to go with her for wedding dress fitting.
    I need to meet her at 4.
    Everything else gets cut short to make that happen.

    Brr it is only 45* this morning.

    Everyone have a terrific day!

  • Well, the rain helped with the fires.  However this wind we have today won't be good for it.  Not much smoke for the past few week or so, thanks again to the rain.  We hope to see more next week.

    I took Socks out day before yesterday and his feet were typically horrible Autumnal feet.  He doesn't shed sole when I don't work him.  I did a lot of paring of frog on all four feet and some sole.  He cleaned all the rest out whilst pulling the cart around.  Funny how that works with him.  His are the most unusual feet of any horse I've had.

    I remember that photo of Rob.  Some family get-together or other a few years ago.   Yeah, I miss hearing from him too.  Rob sure was proud of that last wagon he built.

    Best of luck with that decision Connie.  It's a difficult one, for sure and certain.

    I wonder how Hunter's doing out there in the desert.

    The Ford is coming along.  A lot slower than I would like, but there's steady progress.  The old man needs time off for repairs and refreshing.  Looking forward to getting my Stationwagon going again too.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.