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  • good news.   I had a polyp removed two weeks ago and finally got the biopsy report. BENIGN.  What a blessed relief.  Just a year ago Cal had cancer surgery .  They got it all and checked him recently and he is cancer free.  No Chemo...no treatment of any kind.  Somebody's Praying, I can feel it....I like that song.

    The girls are still separated.  Sure hoping they adjust to each other.   Jade really seems upset whenever she gets near Echo.

    Beautiful cool weather here.  Loving the relief from the humidity.

    Hope all are well.    I saw where someone on facebook mentioned Rod.  Sharing the picture of him and  his beautiful team.


  • Connie, Amen! So happy to hear that you and Cal are free and clear.

    Such a weight to be lifted.

    A chore to keep horses separated.

    Luckily mine are all ok out together, except Chica runs Tex around a bit.

    But he is bigger than she so he should take care of himself.

    Stalling them is a bit of a puzzle.

    Boy-girl-boy girl  works good.

    Maybe you should go tack shopping again.

    Thank you for the lovely pic of Rod.

    I look forward to it every year.

    Cooler weather arrives here today.

    Everyone have a great one.