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Sad Thursday

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Sad Thursday
  • Just found out my friend Francine died on Tuesday.  Poor Greg, he'll be lost without her.  I have to figure out a way to go see him.  Greg's oldest son bought them a house in town and they haven't been in it very long. 

    I've been working on getting another truck going.  It's a Ford F250 (not my fave brand) and has been rather stubborn.  There's a reason I don't like the newer vehicles and Fords in particular.  This fellow is living down to my worst expectations.  IF I actually CAN get this #@**+$%##@ truck going, it will be even more burly than my current 3/4 ton.  It has a 460 motor and a rebuilt transmission.  It should be able to handle my trailers and horse trailer with aplomb.  We'll see.  At present I'm  working out how to get to all the plumbing for the fuel injectors.  In typically Ford fashion, the engineers have made it LOTS of fun (grrr...)! 

    VERY smokey here the past few days.  Yesterday it was so bad I couldn't see in the yard more than fifty feet or so.  Kind of like a thick fog.  Kind of a runny-eyes and coughing day.  Forced the dogs to come in the main house.  My trailer looked like I had nuked a few slices of bread in the toaster.  Today is MUCH better, however still have a touch of a headache.  The lovely little mountain town of Greenville was completely wiped out yesterday afternoon.  The fire is presently closing in on Alamanor and Chester today.  We will see if the firemen can save those lovely little towns or not.  I do hope they can.  It's all so very sad and completely the result of the stupid Liberal's killing off of the logging industry in California.  Stupid tree-huggers won't even allow maintenance of the forest or the removal of dead trees.  I remember fighting with the idiots over all the dead trees in the San Gorgonio Forest.  Cost the whole neighborhood in Blue Jay.  Sickening waste and completely unnecessary.   Our idiot Governor and Legislature even funneled off money for the forest management into another of their pet projects (money to the illegals in this case) which should have been used to help prevent this.  The Democrats are doing a great job of destroying the whole state.

    It's so frustrating.  First the temps were insanely hot, now we have the heavy smoke.  Seems like my poor horses wont see any work this summer.  I really need to put Raven back to work, but this smoke...  However that seems minor when I see the glowing embers of what was once Greenville.

    Well, on that cheery and uplifting note, I do hope everyone has a great day.

  • Condolences on loosing your friend.

    The smoke has been making its way all the way here to SC. My boss use to live in CA and he pretty much agrees with your. The government has caused a lot the "natural" problems out there from fires to water shortages.