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Wednesday We Miss

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Wednesday We Miss
  • seeing you Connie.
    Please be careful about your yellow biters.
    Anaphylaxis can happen anytime a person is stung.

    We went to visit friends yesterday .
    Haven't seen them in almost 2 years.
    He is declining.
    But we had a lovely visit and finally got to see their new home.

    Not sure what today brings other than chores.
    I need to get a couple bales of alfalfa and feed.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday.

  • Ah, Anaphylaxis, how well I know you!  

    As to the truck DH, you're talking along the same line as my friend Dave.  He has a Ford that's a really nice truck he's trying to talk me into.  I'm not a fan of Freds, let alone one that's post '74.  However, it really is a nice truck...

    Someone gave me a trailer in May.  I just finished extractng it and brought the thing home on Monday.  It's a 1951 New Moon.  If that sounds familiar, Lucy and Dezi hauled one around in the movie The Long Long Trailer.  This one's even longer than the Long Long Trailer at forty feet.  Seems I like trailers around that size...