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So today is Saturday and

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So today is Saturday and
  • it makes it a month since Echo came to live here.  

    She is nicely settled in.  She seems to like me.  I can handle her head now.  Changed halters and she was great with it.  Have yet to saddle and bridle.

    I walked down to the pasture yesterday and she followed me...I think it is her first trip there although she can go any time she wants.  When she noticed me coming back up the road from the pasture (a lane in the pasture), she came back up too.

    Today she got her first peddie here. I was very pleased with her.

    She really seems sweet.  Looking forward to our first ride.

  • Connie, a month already?

    That is a pretty picture. She looks very sweet.

    And such a lovely long mane.

    We had another inch of rain yesterday morning.

    Glorious for the pastures.

    Have a wonderful day.