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Wet Wednesday... SURPRISE!!!

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Wet Wednesday... SURPRISE!!!
  • Only a slight chance of light showers.  Uh huh... rained for four hours!  POURED for two!  Had to cut short my time at the storage unit.  I want to get it emptied out and this wasn't helping.  Found some neat stuff though.  Like Mum's crystal and my butterfly lamp.

    Late back to Oak Run.  The Frankensploder leaks worse than my truck, and THAT'S saying something!  Was delayed by the rain.  I won't drive the Frankensploder in heavy rain as it rains harder inside the car than outside!  Ah well, at least it's driveable which is more than I can say about my truck again.

    Hope everyone has a great Thursday!


  • Stude glad you got rain.

    I don't remember it being so green here since I moved to Texas.

    The horses are enjoying a full 12 hours out on grass.