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Square Saturday

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Square Saturday
  • 75 Square Bales coming today and all 3 of my boys will be here to unload and stack while I watch. The perfect way to get squares.

    2020 ended with over 19" of surplus rain. Two weeks left in January and we are already over 1" of surplus. Pastures are muddy messes. Hate to complain too much about rain as I am afraid of the opposite, droughts. 

    Shoulder is doing great though I will forever be careful. Learned a sister had the shoulder shot 20 years ago and all is still well, though she is very care.  

  • Face, Yes definitely the best way to get squares.

    Your rain surplus is more than our yearly total.

    I am going over to a friends and do a short ride with her.

    She has a mare that i can ride bareback.

    Then home to start one my Sis's birthday dinner for tomorrow.

    Everyone have a super good Saturday!

  • Went down to Kramer's Junction, away out in the desert, and picked up the carriage.  Kind of a four wheeled dog cart.  It's nice enough.  Does need a bit of work but is quite usable as-is.  Helluva thirty-hour marathon though.  Hope not to do that again for a while.  Funny how Highway 58 still follows the old Butterfield route.  All the way down to the long loops for the water stops.  There's one place after Mojave where one can see ten miles ahead and see how the road curves sinuously across the perfectly flat desert.  Joshua 'Trees' everywhere.  Have I mentioned how much I detest the desert?

    Fun trip, but don't want to repeat it again.  Hwys 99 & 58 are horrible.  California only spends money on the interstates because the Feds pay for it.