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Monday More Teeth

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Monday More Teeth
  • Took Jet and Tonto in for teeth.
    Jet has had trouble off and on for the past year.

    I also had Tonto's eye reevaluated.
    I have elected not to continue any treatment.
    The answer is the same no matter what I do.
    6 months to 2 years.
    Cryotherapy is no longer an option.

    Cold and wet here.

    I hope everyone has a good week.

  • Sorry to see about Tonto's eye.

    I got 14 round bales Sunday. Got them unloaded and dumped on the ground. One of my sons came over and he loaded/stacked them into hay shelter. Gave him a lot of confidence doing this and I have developed a backup tractor operator.  75 square bales coming this Saturday and all three sons will be hear to unload and stack. This will take care of our hay needs thru the Fall. Our hay supplier is 74 and seriously thinking of pulling back. Probably will not do square bales this year but might still do round bales. If the work "kicks his butt" then he is pulling back.

    Visited ortho surgeon yesterday. MRI showed, arthritis, minor impingement, small bone spurs and a little tear in a tendon. At this point does not recommend surgery. Got a cortisone shot and will see how that does. Good news was that the MRI did not show that the arm ball and shoulder were out of alignment. My arm has gone from 0% use a couple days before Christmas to around 50-60% now. Hopefully shot will take me to back to at least where I was, which was around 95%.  

  • Understand the rotator issues.....I have done PT for mine and prefer it to surgery.

    My hay guy is cutting back...only a mile away and I am liking round bales...he stores them inside and I do too so there is very little waste.