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Wednesday Wacky

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Wednesday Wacky
  • weather here.
    We got a wet cold blast.

    Temps started dropping at about 10 am.
    We have a couple days of rain and low temps.

    MaderChica came to check out our new calves.
    The 3rd one was finally born early yesterday morning.
    A bull calf, all white with brown points and a brown mustache.
    So we have a 6 month old heifer and 2 new bull calves.
    A steer headed to process in June.
    And 3 cows.

    Horses are in for the bad weather.
    Fire in the fireplace.
    I think it will be movie night.
    B gifted us the third season of Yellowstone.

    Everyone have a wonderful evening.
  • Hoping everyone has a great new year's eve.

  • I've been working my way through the Stargate series.  Kinda backwards as I started with atlantis and am now looking at some episodes of SG1.  Usually I'm not much of one for television.  These are decent.  Stargate Universe is awful.  I don't know though if a few programmes a week are worth eleven dollars a month.

    Dragged home another project this week.  It's a late 80s Charmac Horse Trailer.  Needs a lot, chiefly rust repair, a new floor and at least a lot of work on the roof (which is why the floor is bad).  Looks bad now, but it will be a lot nicer when I have fixed it up.