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Monday Much Better

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Monday Much Better
  • Sarcee's tooth that is.
    We did a ride yesterday and MaderChica wanted to ride Sarcee.
    They claimed each other the first time they met.

    Sarcee had not been ridden since the whole tooth issue started.
    So I started on Sarcee and MC on Chica.
    Sarcee did so well MC begged to ride her so we swapped.
    They were two happy girls just singing along the rest of the ride.

    Today Dr. Matt checked her and deemed the tooth removal perfect.

    I hope everyone is having an enjoyable holiday season.
  • Life is calm here.  Whisper only goes out if forced...and then won't move unless I show her the whip...then she bucks and plays....she does love the barn and her stall

    The rain took the snow and now we have a little covering of snow again.

    I have thought of getting Whisper a companion I can ride but putting her on joint suppliments would probably be wiser.

    Have a great week, everyone.

  • Connie, we have used joint supplements here for years and the results have been good.

  • Stude,  what do you use?  I know Turmeric works great on food issues.  Does it also work on joints?  Actually, it helps mine.  She doesn't flex well at the knees and can stumble on uneven ground when ridden...no issue when she is  on her own....I would like to ride on something other than the flat.