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waiting for sunup
  • Wednesday. When it gets light out I will go to the barn...seems the days of wearing a headlamp and walking down the road in the dark are over.  Safer to wait until daylight the way they travel this road.  

    Stude, you mentioned the star.  I had a share this morning from the pastor of a local church.  Taken in Alaska with the northern lights for background.

    Looks just like the old paintings of the Christmas Star I have seen.  Could not see it here, too overcast.

    One package left to wrap.  It is for my son and his family.  They will not be here for Christmas dinner since we decided health was more important than a shared meal...and I have just begun to get back on my stride.  I got the little prelit tree out of its storage bag yesterday and it is displayed with gifts for Cal under it.

    Talked with a race horse vet who happens to be married to a race horse driver.  Mentioned I was casually looking for a companion for Whisper,  I like Standardbreds and said a small one that was riding sound might get a home with me.  They are checking their horses first.  I do think she would be more willing to go outside if she had company.  Given free choice, she only goes out of the barn to roll and then, only when I am out there dumping the wheelbarrow.  

    I hope all are well and safe.  I also hope you all have a blessed Christmas.

  • Whisper apparently got a little stuck last night.  She was fine this morning but her waterbucket was on the floor and she had  dried "stall stuff" on her face and neck....She needs more room apparently.  Glad she is fine...I did, however just see an ad from someone looking for a red mare...I should tell her that.

  • Yeah, I keep telling Socks he would bring a good price and I could use the money.  His usual reaction is a derisive snort in his hay.  Kind of like he's saying, "Wiv all doo respec' may-te, Piss off!"  He knows better.

    Everyone's feet got done today.  Happy ponies all around.  It is so nice to see Raven's feet looking normal.  It took us over two years, but she now seems to be cured of her Founder.  The rears are still slightly rotated, so her feet reflect it.  She looks a bit down in the heels, but is sound.  So I can live with that.  I keep trying to talk Jmebear out of her.  I kind of like the irascible old girl.  She needs to be put back to work in the cart and then I hope to drive her tandem with Louie.  LOL, yeah, I'm kind of a masochist that way.  

    The wind is blowing like a banshee today... again.  Fawn lodge is expecting as much as a foot of snow tomorrow morning.  We shall see.  Not looking forward to dealing with that.  Particularly on the Driveway.

    Our Fearless (more like gormless) leader in Sacramento has shut the state down again.  So getting a real Driver's License is going to be a challenge.  Likewise with getting my Stationwagon registered.  Due to the fact the car has been non-opped for the past ten years, the on-line DMV wants $750 to register and is adamant on it.  So I have to go in the office to do so.  However the DMV office is closed.  Ah, the joys of living in a Socialist-Democrat state.  They're so good at the Catch-22.

    I do hope everyone has a great Wednesday.  May your frustrations be few and far between.



  • By the by Connie, I have been watching the conjunction and haven't seen such a spectacular display.  They have travelled across the sky from due south to west, south west.  It's just two slightly brighter points of light that have grown ever closer.  I don't know what these people are taking their pictures with, but it strikes me they are using some kind of augmentation to the photo to get that image.  The only day I was unable to see the Conjunction was the nineteenth and Saturn was above Jupiter at the time anyway.  Being you and that picture are north of me, may have a lot to do with the difference in the aspect.

  • I got a good telescope in Oct that is capable of seeing Saturn's rings and Jupiter's clouds with goal of getting a good shot. However, with shoulder injury, which is officially Rotator Cuff Injury, that did not happen. Our view was thru binoculars and a blob from a cell phone picture.

    MRI Tuesday but surgeon not available until 1/11. Hoping to get that bumped up.