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Tuesday Time To
  • trim here also.
    But it won't get done today.
    Pretty much all are in need except Sarcee.

    Sarcee is feeling much better since her tooth removal.
    She acts brighter and her little spurts of energy are popping out again.
    I need to take her next time we ride.
    Looks like it may have to wait until Sunday?

    I was up too early.
    Lots of pain from moving furniture.
    I didn't see the Christmas star but I did see a falling star when I was out doing horses in the dark this morning.
    I hope it means good things.

    Hoping Pilot and Face get good ortho news.
    Everyone have a great day!
  • Funny how many people are past due.  Our Farrier vanished.  One day he was around and available, the next ,<POOF> nowhere to be found.  Jmebear suspects he might have ended up on the wrong side of the IRS.  Possible, but I somewhat doubt it.  He vanished when this stupidity started with the CV-19 lockdowns.  I figure he said, "screw this!" and went back to sanity and Texas.  Wouldn't blame him in the least.

    Regardless, our horses haven't been done in nearly a year.  I believe he was here in Feb, possibly the first week of March, just when the insanity started.  The amazing part is how good they otherwise look.  Raven is looking like a show pony, however she has been long for a while due to founder.  All the same, we need to do something about this.  Socks will likely only need a balancing and cleanup.  He never really needs anything more.

    Got both boys out yesterday.  Doodled around the driveway and down the road two neighbors or so (about a quarter mile) with Socks.  There was very little traffic and  he was in the mood to really move on.  I love it when he extends.  Socks will never move on like Ginger or Rocky, but he does a decent job.

    Still waiting on getting the Horse Trailer.  The plan was to pick it up yesterday.  Power out and no phone.  Hence, we were unable to contact the seller.  I hope this doesn't fall through.

    Kinda disappointed with the 'Great Conjunction' last evening.  Yeah, I could see they were so close.  Still not a lot brighter though.  If this was the sign in the heavens when Jesus was born, it's no surprise most people missed it.  I'm still going for an angel.

    Well, I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!