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Saturday Soggy

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Saturday Soggy
  • morning.
    Only a quarter inch.

    Slowed down our cedar removal at the cabin.
    We started yesterday. May be dry enough to resume this afternoon.

    Cattle are always interested when we are working.
    They huddle around like they are learning.
    Or just trying to be in the way.

    I hope everyone has a all weekend!
  • Got James' package mailed.  Cal got a haircut.  Then we went to an outlet store and came away with a Emeril oven that air fries, bakes, dehydrates, grills and even has a rotisserie for me for Christmas...takes the place of four appliances.  

    Came home, did Whisper and he went and got McDonald's with coupons to go for dinner....worked for me.

    Found a cute horse in one of the Carolina's but too expensive to truck her here.  Love Whisper but would really like to do some cross country riding and I do not think her old joints will allow that.  Still I know letting her go could mean the end of her life and I want to let her live here as long as she is happy.  Plenty of land here for a grave.

    I made arrangements with my oldest son to meet up sometime after Christmas...I have been off my feed and Cal's health isn't the greatest lately so staying away from people is wise...so, Christmas for just the two of us.

    Probably will avoid Church, too since some have had the virus there.

  • Have been having shoulder issues for a few years and things progresses to the point that I have an appointment Dec 28 with an orthopedic  surgeon. It has not stopped me from doing anything. Then last week I upgraded security cameras at the barn, now my right arm is pretty useless. Never had this happen before. Very difficult to sleep. I think it is slowly getting better. Trying to be as gentle as I can with it, which ain't too hard since I can do much with it anyway.