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Sunday Such

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Sunday Such
  • beautiful weather.
    If only it would rain.
    20% chance today but doubtful.

    B plans to come for her relaxation day.
    Probably ride. Steaks and a video.
    Pilots friend brought a video of the river areas where they use to do canoe trips.

    Connie- Gorgeous sunrise pic.
    Pilot was grateful for your encouraging words about knee replacements.
    He is in a lot of pain. Difficult for anyone more so since he is so active.

    Horses are spending a lot of time in the pens.
    No grass only acorns.
    Jet hasn't gone out in days.
    If turned out he goes 10 steps to the nearest acorns.
    We clean his pen and put in hay and he is happy to return for the day.

    We were suppose to join Pilot's cousin at a local hotel for Thanksgiving buffet dinner,
    Both of us decided it isn't worth the risk.
    We will meet them on Wednesday for a visit in a park instead.
    A small turkey leg dinner for 2 is our plan for Thanksgiving Day.

    I hope everyone is well and enjoying the weekend.

  • Price Chopper had Jenny-O turkey breasts for $.99/lb.  Bought one...it was great.  Went back and got four more for the freezer...one will be Thanksgiving dinner.  Good thing we both like left over turkey.

    Yes, tell Pilot that my first conscious thought after the anesthetic wore off was, "my knees don't hurt"  yes, there was surgical pain but the bone on bone constant pain was gone.  Kneeling is not something I care to do any more but a small sacrifice.  My PT people took it slow and easy for me for the 6 weeks my insurance covered.  Full range of motion.    Heck, I can kiss my knees in the bath tub if I want to....um probably not a pretty picture but still, explains the ability to move.

    Heading out for church soon....really do not like masked church going.

    Have a good week all.

  • Ah, joint replacement.  If they did the job on me it would have to be a round robin.  Hips, knees, elbows, and shoulders are all bad.  Back too, but they can't do anything I'm willing to let them do on that.  My doctor keeps suggesting having back surgery and I keep reminding her that subject is CLOSED.  'Now, Doc.... how about discussing knees, hips, shoulders and elbows?  No, I didn't think so.'  Seems like all she wants to do is cripple me more rather anything that will be a real help.

    I refuse to comment on anything COVID related here as I'm sure to make you all enemies, so keeping my mouth shut... almost.  I'm thankful to be living out here in the countryside and not in a metro area.  They'd have me in jail.  Plenty of room there as they've released most of the criminals.

    Replaced the cover on the Cart shed.   The previous one lasted four or five years and I'm now using it on one of my trailers.  So can't complain about that $125.  Doubt it will be any good after this winter though.  The new one is a lesser quality tarp, and so will only last a year or two at most.  Depends on how much snow we get.  I'm considering putting some hog wire under it to see if it will help.  The wire will give the cover support for the snow and such.

    I've been working on getting my stationwagon going again (1956 Studebaker - Bess).  I have to sort out the brakes and then work on the fuel system.  She was running last year so it shouldn't take much to get her going again.  I'm going to drop the tank and rinse it out with Chemtool to make sure no varnish or nasties are in there.  It has been ten years since I filled it last.  This way she can give my old man (the pickup) a break and save me some gas mileage when I'm not towing something.  Oh, come to think of it, the tires are well over twelve years old, so they need replacing too.  The spare has gone flat (typical <roll-eyes>) hence I'll need five.  Since it freaks the tire jockeys out the old lady has left-handed thread on the left side (ignorant kids, what can I say), I'll just take all the wheels off and take them down loose.  Looking very much forward to driving Bess again.   However I first have to come up with several pounds of flesh for the Chairman and Politburo in Sacramento before they will 'allow' me to take her on the road.   Our masters must be paid.

    Well I hope everyone has a great night and a great Monday.