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Saturday waiting

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Saturday waiting
  • for the sun to come up. Woke up and sleep was not coming back so, thought I should come here and play catch up.

    Whisper thought she was a cutting horse and pulled a ligament/muscle.  She is over that and doing well.  Since I put her on OGS (organic gut solution) she doesn't colic...except when I ran out between orders getting here.  She has gained weight and is looking and feeling good.  She is 18-20 now so I guess health issues should be no surprise.  If the silly girl would stay outside and move around more she would probably be fine.  I seriously am considering getting her a companion.  Feeding another horse would probably cost the same as the OGS.

    Getting colder here and we have had a couple of snows so now I have to take her hot water so she will drink.

    Apparently I pulled a muscle Thursday afternoon.  In my, um, glute.  Such pain, I thought I might have broken my hip. Had to manually move my leg and sitting up, standing, sitting down...all kinds of normal things were almost impossible.  Better by Friday morning...took it easy all day and can now walk without a cane.  No idea what caused it so not sure how to avoid it happening again.


    One of the beautiful sunrises I get to enjoy here.

    Hope all are well,  I will be back sooner this time.

  • DH, started reading some of the older posts.  I had both knees replaced 16 years ago.  Yes, at the same time.  Well worth it.  Such a blessing to be able to stand without pain and to ride without the distraction of the constant pain.