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Monday Passing

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Monday Passing
  • Brother-In-Law across the street passed last night from COVID complications. He had been in the hospital for a month. He did not have COVID when he passed. However, it is what put him in the hospital and started the chain reaction of failures that killed him. 

    He drove me crazy at times but he was a great friend and brother-in-law. During the 11 years the barn has been across the street I learned a tremendous amount of stuff in regards to plumbing and electrical. He will be missed.

  • Sorry about your B.I.L.  May our gracious Lord comfort you and your sister.

  • So sorry your family's loss.

  • So sorry for your loss.  A hard time of the year to say good bye to a family member, loved friend, not that any time of year is a good one.  May Our Lord comfort you and your family.