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Good Ride
  • Apache use to like to play games when going out to halter him to prep for a ride. He like to go running off. He hasn't done this in months. Yesterday, the game was on. I ended up getting Spirit instead. She always wants some attention and she hasn't been ridden since last December, other than me leading the grand daughter around on her. She has become difficult to saddle, can freak from the saddle pad, then freak when the saddle is put on. Got the saddle pad on, no problem. Let her sniff the saddle, got it on her and she was a little jittery. When to cinch her up and she freaked. She escaped the wash bay, dump the saddle. Put her in a stall, Apache was now standing at the gate ready to be caught. I guess I called his bluff. Anyway, he did great and actually got him to go around a little pond, and I mean little, which he has ben refusing to do. 

  • Don't they have some crazy quirks.

    Have you tried a different pad on Spirit?

    B has a blue pad that Sarcee does not like and gets jittery.

    Maybe some saddling practice is in order?

  • This was a brown pad and she seemed fine with it. My sister, it is her horse, uses a red one and she definitely has issues with it.

    Spirit needs to work. The problem is she is my sister's horse and no one does anything with her. My wife and I don't have the time we want for our own horses much less hers.