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November No

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November No
  • rain in sight.
    I did some watering of shrubs yesterday.

    Means I have to buy more hay this week.
    I will have to unload and stack it myself because Pilot has the stitches in his arm.
    Tuesday and Thursday I can get a load each day and take my time.

    Everyone must be busy?
    I hope all are well.

  • Mainly lurking. Brother-In-Law across the street in ICU due to COVID. Things were so bad Saturday that the family was told if you want to speak to him better do it on Saturday. Then he showed so signs of improvement. He has other issues as well and last Spring my belief was if he got it he was doomed.

  • Seems a lot of things to do. I think it is better to look for an easier way to unload and stack even if Pilot has stitches in his arm. Hope you are also doing fine... as well as everyone! Especially in this pandemic where we can't see the enemy!

  • Welcome Cal Gordon.

    Unloading the hay is not that big a deal.

    A bundle of squares is only 21 bales.

    Not like the big loads of 400 bales we use to get.

    And although cheaper, round bales have not been working that well.

  • ohhh, I udnerstand where you're coming from. well as long as its beneficial to the horses its all good.