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Monday Misfire

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Monday Misfire
  • So the pump fix is not complete.
    The pump is still causing the circuit breaker to trip.
    Well man is notified and will be by as soon as he can.
    It is not an emergency.
    Thankfully he has some other diagnostics that won't be too costly.

    I am glad to see that all is well with Connie and Cal.

    We had an appointment in Fredericksburg today.
    Also one tomorrow and another inHarper Wednesday afternoon.
    I hate when it is Monday and I feel like the whole week is already used up.

    The appointment was early this morning.
    We did get another rafter up on the pavilion and I also got a bit of watering done this afternoon.

    I hope everyone has a nice evening.
  • Whyyyyyyyyy doeeeeeesssss iiiiiiiiiit takeeeeeeeeee sooooooo long to get on this forum lately?   I feel like I've gotten up to the window at the DMV in the movie Zootopia.

    Hope everyone has a great week!

  • Stude - Try a shortcut by clicking on notifications or News and Entertainment.

  • Maybe.  However it's the wait for the first screen.   Every other site pops right up.  This one?  Loooooooong wait with a blank screen and the little ball moving back and forth


  • My initial access to this site has always been slow. Once in it is fine.. I click on it I go get coffee and it is waiting for me when I get back.

  • I have begun to think perhaps it's the argument between the ads and my ad blocker.  The ads have become more aggressive in all locations I log into.