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Sunday Sweep

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Sunday Sweep
  • So glad to hear it wasn't Face's Fancy.
    I wonder what the issue is.
    Hoping Stude updates us if he sees more about the story.

    I need to buy feed for the horses tomorrow so cleaning out the feed room.
    All the tack has mostly moved out to the new tack room.
    Finding lots of things I didn't know or remember I had.

    Lots of sweeping.
    Who knew there was soooo much dirt in there!

    I had a great ride on Tex at my friend Tiff's yesterday.
    Nice to ride in a different place.
    Tex has not been ridden much so was a bit unruly.
    Nothing much just not wanting to listen the first bit of the ride.

    He did the biggest jump over a finger width of water.
    I was expecting it by how goofy he was approaching it and started laughing.
    Tiffany looked back just as he had launched over it and was shocked.

    He did good the rest of the ride but I was exhausted when I got home .
    He is a big ride when he needs some work.

    I hope everyone had a great weekend.
    Wasn't that full moon gorgeous?
  • Got two good rides in over the weekend. Weather has been awesome.

    So our horses mostly live across the street at my sister's. They come to our side a couple times in the summer.  When we go out of town it is her husband who cares (sorta) for the horses. Learned last week they are getting divorce. Not surprised as the 10 years they lived across the street we never saw any hint that they even liked each other. Sister is scheduled for new replacement early Nov. This week she is supposed to have a biopsy on a lump they found in her ***. Yesterday we learned she tested positive for COVID-19 and she is very sick. My thought when all this began was if either she or her husband get it they won't survive it due to other health issues. Life will be interesting for a while.  

  • Made a quick getaway last weekend. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  • Welcome MattMe98

    Tell us about yourself and your getaway.

    I am in the Texas Hill Country, west of Fredericksburg.

    We were planning a trip to the coast this month but have postponed again.