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Fall For Sure

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Fall For Sure
  • October 1.
    The butterfly migration has begun.
    Clouds of snout butterflies start it off.
    They make a mess of vehicles.
    I did see a magnificent yellow swallowtail.

    I hope everyone has a lovely fall day.
  • When I lived in Mira Loma (so. cal.) we lived adjacent to the Santa Ana river.  There was a huge park/wildlife sanctuary down there and a willow bog.  Swallowtails LOVE a willow bog.  Going down there in the late summer guaranteed clouds of Swallowtails.  Going in the spring guaranteed their Caterpillars, which the kids called, 'Killer Caterpillars.'  They're huge, as big as one's thumb and bright green.  They also emit Hydrochloric acid.  Leaves nasty burns (hence the kid's name for them).  All the same, the butterflys were beautiful.

    Sick all night and kinda dragged out today.  Still, I was able to finish a project.  Started out as an hour-long deal and ended up taking six.

    Someone in North Carolina has a place called New Hope Stables and lost a horse named Fancy due to a weird disease they have yet to identify.  The horses lost were Fancy, Koda, and Dixie.  I hope and pray this wasn't Face's horses!  Breaks my heart to read her post.  They have three or four more horses they are watching closely.

    Hope everyone has a great day.  And all the horses are healthy.

    With all the problems horses have, the term, 'healthy as a horse,' really isn't saying much.  Kind of an oxymoron.

  • Not my Fancy though my Fancy was born in NC in the mountains near Fancy Gap.