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Friday Frontier Days

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Friday Frontier Days
  • Our town's annual celebration.
    Modified to almost nil this year.
    Neighboring area covid cases are steadily climbing.

    Of course there are the can't happen here people.
    So yes it will happen here.

    Half the day planned for finishing the horse pens.
    Then I have some cooking to do.
    I got some miss priced ribs and pork chops at the grocery store.
    Laziness on the part of the meat department staff.
    Score for me. I don't plan meat purchases just grab great bargains on their miss marked items.

    I also got the makings for salsa verde.
    Several fans here i am sure are waiting patiently for it.

    Everyone have a fabulous fall Friday.

  • You know... of course the disease will come to everyone's area everywhere.  We have to stop hiding from it.  Yeah, people are going to die from Covid-19 just like they've died from every other disease that has come down since the dark ages and before.  Plagues have been around as long as original sin.  I like what Martin Luther had to say on the subject.  He doesn't say to ignore the disease de jour, however he also doesn't advocate living in fear of it either.  But then, he and I are Christians and really aren't afraid of dying from natural causes.  Disease is a natural cause of death and always has been.

    We need to put a stop the the bullshit.

    The smoke from the fires has had me feeling pretty poorly for the past few days.  Today was the first really clear day in weeks.  In Fawn Lodge, we often get hours at a time when the air is clear.  However we also have periods when the smoke is as bad as the Smog in So. Cal. during the sixties.  Bothers me just as much now as it did then.

    Well, I have to get off this computer and get something useful done today.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and a very blessed Sunday.