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Tuesday 22

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Tuesday 22
  • Fall is here.
    Gorgeous weather lined up for the week.
    The hurricane only gave us possibly a tenth of an inch.

    We are working on making new horse pens for the new stalls.
    Pilot welded new brackets and we are working on dividing up the panels.

    Trying to get everyone placed appropriately is not an easy thing.
    Certain horses can't be stalled next to each other.
    Jet and Tex constantly mess with each other. And Chica picks on Tex incessantly.
    Sarcee has a potty habit that I would prefer her to be in a larger pen.
    And Tex is a big guy who needs extra room.
    I need to make placards and keep moving them around until something works.

    I hope everyone has a great start to fall.

  • It certainly can be challenging get the horse ordered established in a barn. We have to do girl/boy/girl/boy/girl.  Still issues now and then one is limited on what one can do.

  • Yeah, we have the musical horses routine around here too.  Add to it the extremes of size involved with Belle at 32"  (8hh) and Socks at 16-2hh.