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Saturday Sends

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Saturday Sends
  • another tropical storm our way.
    Possibly becoming coming ashore Monday as a category 1 hurricane.

    In the meantime it is the last weekend of summer and the weather is suppose to be perfect.
    Tiff and I are going to ride at the cabin.
    She wants to trailer there and me to ride Jet so her horse will be less nervous.
    Is fine as it helps build both their confidence.

    Tomorrow a few of us are trailering to her place.
    Amy can meet us there so I will take Jet for her and Tex for myself.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!
  • Stay safe with the storm. Beautiful weekend here but sadly no rides. Fancy kicked wife in the leg so that killed any riding.  Wife is sore but almost walking normal again. She was trying to do some ground work with Fancy in an effort to get her more exercise, Fancy didn't want to exercise.