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Sally Prep

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Sally Prep
  • Looks like what will be left of Sally will go directly over us Thu/Fri. Today we will move the horses back down to the pasture by the barn. They are calling for possible flooding rains and if that happens we can get cut off from where the horses are now. Sister and her family may get cut off, but, too bad! :-) We will probably take horses back up Sunday as there is still lots of grass for them. Let them eat grass while they can still get it. We get 50 round bales and they have to last a year.

  • Be safe Face.

    That storm is a slow mover, lots of rain.

    Monday we did fence maintenance on the cabin's south fence line.

    I got stung by a scorpion moving a fence post.

    I have been stung a couple times before but this was a big one.

    He got squished. but it is a bad sting.

    It hurt all day Monday. And my thumb swelled yesterday.

    My hand swelled last night.

    Yesterday a friend brought a young Vietnamese lady for a horse experience.

    Something she has wanted all her life.

    The first time she has traveled anywhere and got trapped here by the virus.

    I gave her a long lesson on Jet. And then we went for a loop around the property.

    She was ecstatic and Jet never got so much love, hugs, kisses, pats and pets.

    You could  see him roll his eyes but he tolerated it all.

    I will try to have her come again before she leaves.

    She is among 2000 people trying to get approved for the next flight back.

    After they left it was another long busy day.

    Moving hay, trimming trees, hauled alfalfa, And all the usual chores.

    Today starts with feeding cows. I have the calf nearly halter trained.

    New stalls to be delivered around noon.

    Everyone have a great day.