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Thursday Three Cheers

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Thursday Three Cheers
  • for poop according to Connie. ; )
    So glad that Cal is on the mend.

    Counting poops here too, on everyone.
    It got c~c~cold 51*.High to only 60* today.
    Extreme weather swings are not good.
    Added extra salt to keep the water moving through.

    2 inches of rain received. Such a blessing.
    All are in pens until it drys sufficient.
    Still a chance for more rain this AM.

    I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful day!
  • Learned our Vet is cutting back BIG TIME. He HAD two other vets in his practice, no more. He is now SOLO and no more emergency calls. He is very well known the area, when the local authorities need help with horse cases, this is who they turned to. He trains/trained the local mounted police. He can still be our routine vet and he is awesome. But have to have someone for those ER calls. Don't really want someone for routine and someone else for ER. I like to get to know whoever to build a relationship with and knows the history of the horse. Decisions Decisions.

    Personally, think something happened within his staff and he got fed up. He had a girl who was his right hand and she  retired a couple years ago. Prior to that he had commented when she left he was doomed. He had another girl we liked a lot as well, she left I think because she got tired of the ERs and putting horses down as she now works at a small animal Mon-Frid clinic. The replacement for her didn't last long, no one liked her. He hired two young vets who we liked but I suspect something happened in regards to them.

    I would rather find a new doctor for myself than one for my horses.

  • Finding good office help has always been a challenge.  Nowadays the situation is even worse as young people don't often know how to work.  So many of them want to start at the top and don't want to do the grunt work.

    Got back from Colorado yesterday.  No cabinets for my Imperial as the fellow I was supposed to pick them up from was unavailable.  Very disappointing.  I was looking forward to a new kitchen.  The first two days of the trip were a nightmare! Colorado has lousy roads and an even worse sign system.  I must own setting up too tight of a schedule as well.  The flight from Sacramento to Denver was rough and likewise from Denver to Colorado Springs.  Our plane had to be de-iced leaving Denver.  It was snowing like the dickens on takeoff as well.  I was delighted to see only rain in C.S. when we arrived.  A cheap Taxi ride to the Penske yard and I was off to get Jmebear's new KG Cart in Westcliffe.  The phone was working nicely (always was, I had finally figured out there was no dial) and I called to let the seller know I was on my way.  Little did I know her house sits at 7500'.   Oh... joy.  White-out snow conditions and me with no chains for the truck.   Colorado has some wonderfully charming and historic little towns.  Their roads and signage are not charming.

    Stopped by the Wally-World in C.S. and picked up supplies I needed for the trip along with a tablet for mapping.  Found out Wally-World has free WIFI! <big grin!>   It was when I realized the directions I had been given were incomplete.  So, I went back to the Penske yard to get directions.

    Westcliffe is a nice little town.  So is it's sister, Silvercliffe.  The road going up there must be really a lovely drive in summer weather.  It wasn't fun on Tuesday!  Stayed the night, dismantled the cart and loaded it into the truck, well wrapped in shipping blankets.  Left the next morning (practically thrown out) and headed off to Yellow Jacket to get my cabinets.

    Did I mention the roads were only surpassed in misery by Colorado's lousy signage?  What. A. Nightmare!  The snow and rain didn't help anything either.  Was five hours late coming into Yellow Jacket.  Kept driving till I was out of the rain and snow two states later!  Crashed at a great little place called the Border Inn.  Coincidentally, it's located on the border between Nevada and Utah (hence the name, I suppose).  Got a nice room for a decent price and crashed for eight hours.

    Got up and headed for Ely (ee-lee) Nv.  Home of the Nevada Northern Railway and Battleborn Restoration (Studebakers).  The trip certainly improved when I crossed the border into Nevada.  Decent roads, good signage, much better.  Had a lot of fun at the Railway museum, even though none of the engines were steamed up.   Had even more fun climbing around the Studebakers at Battleborn!  I'm definitely going back to Ely Nv!  

    Approaching Reno I began to experience the smoke (visible by satellite) from the California and Oregon fires.  In Susanville it was like thick fog.  Got back to Oak Run at around 2am.

    So, Jmebear now has a pretty cart for her pretty new pony.  I, on the otherhand am exhausted!

  • Wow Stude, What a trip!

    And nice to see you.