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Monday Made
  • our way through August.

    It's 80 already this morning.
    Lots of humidity which I hate.

    Possible moonlight ride Wednesday evening.
    We haven't done one in a long time.

    I hope everyone has a great week!

  • Finally have a moment of sanity and can come see my horse friends.  Cal went to the ER last Tuesday, was transferred by ambulance to a bigger hospital in Syracuse...home a week later and goes back this Wednesday for surgery.  Seems his tests 4 1/2 weeks that showed a blockage "fell through the cracks" and no one followed up.  Now, he is cleared by the cardiac people and has had a colonoscopy and will have the mass removed Wednesday.  He is almost totally blocked.  He has lost at least 40 pounds, possibly more.  Yes, biopsy showed cancer.  The medical people seem optimistic that it has not spread and that they should be able to remove all of the blockage and he will be able to return to normal life.  So thanking God that he is getting help.

    Not sure if I mentioned on here that I rode Whisper on the road recently to be in my happy place and some twit on a motorcycle revved his bike up  and did his best to spook her....she was rock steady...I was a bit unnerved but she was perfect.  She might need special care but this mare is worth more than $.  She is safe and sane.  The fact that she is pretty is just a bonus.

    My son is still here working on rebuilding the foundation at his father's now that the house and all the basement contents are moved out.  He has also managed to put enough wood in my lower level to probably get me through the winter.  

    Hope all are well.  Finally have cooler weather here and it is a major blessing for me.\

    Love and best wishes to each and every one of you.