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  • less humidity!!!! So very thankful.  

    I ordered the OGS suppliment for Whisper.  She didn't colic on the three week time she could and if we get past the next three week time I can hope that this stuff is helping.  Of course, I ordered more and the USPS with its usual knack for delay, was supposed to have it here Monday.  Didn't happen.  Used the last dose from the sample packs this morning so hoping it is here this afternoon. 

    Not much going on here other than trying to stay cool.  And with lower humidity for a few days should be good until Sunday.  Maybe time to think about a short ride on my girl.

    Ordered more beef last night.  Should have it in about a month.  With the kids here, the freezer in the room next to the and a grill right outside their door, I discovered that steak for breakfast, lunch, and dinner was becoming their norm...my shelf of steaks is getting pretty bare.  

    Sun is up.  Stall is done, barn cats fed, and Whisper is outside.  Guess I should consider facing the day.

    Have a good one, everyone.


  • Still hot here. Was 99* yesterday.

    Pilot flew yesterday morning .

    I did watering and pruning in the yard.

    When he got back we had BLTs for lunch . Tomatoes from the garden.

    I went and got another round bale. The few I have gotten seems to be very nice local hay.

    They don't have many left so I will go today and pay for a few more.

    A ride this morning with my friend Amy.

    She hasn't been able to ride as often so it will be good to visit.

    Delivery of orders here that use to take a week are now taking well over a month to receive.

    Trying to order necessaries with that in mind.

    I am glad Whisper is doing well. Such a mystery girl.

    We have a steer for  process in Spring.  2 calves due this winter so our meat cycle should be set for a few years.

    Everyone have a well Wednesday.