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Friday Fry

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Friday Fry
  • Still going to be a hot one today.
    Mid 90's.
    Tomorrow brings a cool down into upper 80's.
    Rain chances increase with storms on the coast.
    Lower temps will make outdoor work much more pleasant.

    Face, strange times indeed.
    I am glad your granddaughter got to ride her Fancy horse.

    Everyone have an enjoyable weekend!
  • DIL went back to HI yesterday...she has to have a two week quarantine at home before she can go out in public and she works at a school.  Son is missing her big time.  While here, one of their dogs got sick.  They arranged a vet visit.  Dog sitter took him to the vet. The vet tried but he did not make it.  That hurts them both since they have had him since he was born.  

    We got rain yesterday but are in heavy fog this morning and should get heat and the weekend be even hotter.  

    Need to make arrangements for winter hay.  Tom says he doesn't think he can supply me for the entire winter so I need to see Bruce...they are each about a mile from me but Tom delivers.  

    Since she is on the suppliments with teeth done, she is wasting less hay and I am using about half as much so that is a plus.

    Hope all are well.

  • Borrowed a youth English saddle and can adjust stirrups so Kinsley's feet fit perfect. Short ride on Fancy to test it out, she liked it.  Horse show  Sat morning then going to look for a used youth English for our own. Then Tractor Supply to use my quarterly 10% off everything.