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Wednesday We Are

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Wednesday We Are
  • waiting for rain to materialize.
    Chances of rain forecast.
    We need it very badly.
    I need to haul some hay today so maybe that will bring some showers.

    Lower temps and some clouds make it bearable to be outside.
    Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday.
  • Still waiting for our rain as well. We were doing so good for the year until July arrived. Temps and humidity dropped enough to take granddaughter for a little ride on Apache after dinner. This is a strange summer. Can't do much activities with her due to COVID-19. We have a top 10 zoo which is open, but don't want to take a 7 year old who will put her hands on everything after all the other kids do so. Splash pads closed. Too hot for outside activities anyway. Hopefully take her to horse show tomorrow early, cooling down tomorrow, then warm up on Sunday and swimming at the lake.