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Monday Make

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Monday Make
  • a plan for the week.
    Nothing on the schedule except horse chiro on Thursday.

    It was a quiet weekend here.
    Did a short ride with the group of girls on Saturday.
    Had my four plus C brought her Bentley.

    Upper 90's plus some slight rain chances in the forecast.
    The pastures are all brown.

    I hope everyone is surviving the heat.
    Have a great week.

  • Hot here, too.  Whisper is wasting less  hay,  not sure if it is the hind gut suppliment I started her on, the dental work, or a combo.    Tomorrow she gets her tootsies done and she should be good to ride if the weather ever cools off.    Since the suppliment, she is less anxious to return to her stall but still charges , well, lopes , in when I open the overhead door.

    I , too, hope all are surviving this heat.  We get occasional downpours but they do not seem to cool it off.

  • Get a lot of afternoon storms AROUND us, but we are ourselves are being skipped. Could use some rain. Fancy and her feet did very well with our granddaughter.