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Tuesday To
  • Fast
    Tonto gobbled his pellets last evening and had a mild choke.
    I saw his first hints of discomfort and we reacted quickly.

    I keep a squeeze bottle filled with water and I squirted and Pilot rubbed his throat.
    It took several tries but we were successful. Scary.
    I soak everyone's pellets but we were gone for the afternoon and I hadn't done it early enough.
    Won't make that mistake again.

    Temps were 104-106*
    I don't mind the heat but my car's air is out and Pilot needed oil change on his car.
    My car is due for maintenance end of the month and we will check cost for air repair.

    Noticed prices are inching ever upward on everything here including gas.

    Everyone have a safe week.

  • My son and his wife are due here in three or less hours.  I am so excited.  Of course, they are going to quarantine themselves for 48 hours so I can not get a hug yet....they have a Keurig, water, coffee pods, cups, down there...bed, tv.  Internet...I got them things they need like silverware and dishes.  Cough drops, vit C.  toothbrushes and tooth paste...razors, shaving cream (hint to son) and towels and wash cloths.  There is running water down there and a potty chair.  they are set.Also a freezer full of meat.  Plus a gas grill outside.  I have a bucket heater and an electric tea kettle.  plus they have access to the hot water tank and all kinds of cold water.  I think they should be fine.  so excited.

    Dropped my phone again tonight.  Going to try to get to the store tomorrow and replace it.  It still works but know that won't last forever.  I depend on it so it is time to replace it.  I have lived with a cracked screen but now it has a shattered corner and a big crack...I guess it is time.

    Called the store and the nice lady said to get there around one because the reps for a different plan are there and they have the permission to transfer EVERYTHING  to a new phone...pictures, directory, EVERYTHING

    hope the new one has as good a camera.