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More Monday
  • Yesterday I kept thinking it was Monday.
    I watered until noon and it got too hot.
    I might as well repeat today.

    This evening I go with my friend to see her horse at the trainer.
    She also asked me to go on Wednesday evening.

    Everyone keep cool and have a great week!

  • Yesterday morning I sat out in the back yard.  The gate is open so Whisper has free access to the back yard.  I let her know I was there.  She came over and grazed around me.  She was all sweaty from just grazing and walking...so darned muggy.  Flies on her face.  About 10 she went to the barn,  looked at me and started trotting back and forth in front of the doors.  I took the hint and let her in to her shady stall and the fans.  When I went in later to check, she was all dry and contented.  Oh,  this morning I ran my hand over her ribs and got loose hair!  Either finally getting ready for summer or she is expecting an early fall.  We are in the 90's again today with a wicked humidity.

    Oh, have lined up a "dentist" and Whisper will get her teeth done this month.  She has no problem eating and I want to keep it that way.

    Have a super week all.