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Friday Fixed

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Friday Fixed
  • potato salad to go with our hot dogs tomorrow.
    I am going to make a buttermilk pie also.
    We are having a couple friends over to help celebrate.

    I hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend!
  • Yep, it is Saturday but I am posting on Friday.  

    I got 200lbs of crimped oats for Whisper.  She supervised me unloading them and getting then into the bins.  I let her have some.  She approved.  Looks to me like she is gaining a bit of weight since I put her on Nutrena Sr. Feed.  My rabbits years ago thrived and showed well on Nutrena feeds so I am hoping the brand works for her.  She is already acting brighter and more interested in things going on around her.

    I got Cal a gravity chair for father's day.  He likes it so well he got me one yesterday.  I have yet to sit in it.  So hot and muggy out I want to stay inside with the air.

    Hope everyone has a great holiday.