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Saturday Started
  • our own big project.
    We have been planning a large pavilion in our back yard for several years.
    The six rock pillars got done a couple years ago.
    Yesterday and today we started placing the massive beams on them.
    A bit scary.

    The beams were gifted to us when friends moved fro Texas to Virginia.
    They are from an old feed mill somewhere in New England.

    A couple evening rides yesterday and today as well.
    Tomorrow is a ride also.
    We are windy and hazy here but not terribly.

    I hope everyone is having a super weekend!
  • Getting excited. My youngest son plans on coming mid July.  He will stay here. He will help his father with further clean up from that fire.  He also plans on helping a friend fix the foundation under the house his mother left him.  I am hoping he spends enough waking time here to do some of the things I can no longer handle. I am hoping  we can fix a run in area for Whisper on the shed side of the barn...the other day she put her head under the overhead door, opened it enough to duck under and I found her standing in her stall looking at me and trying to look innocent...of course, the fresh pile of poop by the round bale showed me what she had been up to....hoping if she can come in and out at will she might be happy with a run in.  And I will be able to keep the other door shut and latched.  She is smart and knows how to open things....feed bins, overhead doors, all kinds of things.

    Hope all are well.