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Sizzling Saturday!

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Sizzling Saturday!
  • Well, summer has arrived with a vengeance!  It has been in the hundreds for the past week.  Looking to see what PG&E is going to do this summer in the way of being a PITA! 

    Went to Fawn Lodge for a few days.  The steering column on my pickup broke right in front of the Parts Truck.  Convenient, I suppose.  Better than whilst going down Buckhorn Grade (7-8%)!    As soon as I gothat fixed,  the rear brakes did a self-destruct.  Major on the right side.  I took the drum off and broken, twisted, ground-up pieces poured out.  Oi.  Checked with the Parts truck and no go.  It has a one-ton rear.  Drums are much larger.  I'm thinking of swapping the rear ends.  A one-ton rear would be useful.

    So my three-hour tour, uh, I mean, three day stay became an eight-day stay.  Oi.  Truck is still not done either.  Looks like the new drums are in Kansas City.  Shipping will take another week and will be costly.  Hence,  thinking of rear-end a swap.

    So, Jmebear came and got me so I can spend a few days here.  I have to ruminate on this a-here awhile.

    Sure glad to see all the kiddos.  I mightake Socks outomorrow.

    Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday!


  • Good to see you Stude.

    Not good to hear about your big project.

    Wouldn't it be nice if things would just work.

    Weather has been in the upper 80's here but humid.

    I hate humidity.

    Going to ride today.

    Everyone have a wonderful day!

  • We have had super hot weather but finally it is cooling down.  Whisper did NOT colic this time but she has lost a ton of weight...well, not a ton but a lot...realized she had no more access to her selinium block in the block holder so I put it in a pail and she seems to be happier.  She is certainly working on it...she could no longer reach it in the holder.  I am graining her three times a day.  Twice with soaked senior feed and once with oats and boss...I can get good crimped oats again and my order should be in this coming week....she did well on them...started dropping weight when I could not get quality ones and the colic episodes started.

    Thank you for asking about her, DH and Stude...sorry about all of the vehicle issues.