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Saturday So

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Saturday So
  • it happened again.
    I was out doing yard work and saw the horses come up for water.
    Continued on with watering and weeding of garden which consists of about 8 mineral tubs.
    I came around the front of the house and Jet is standing midway in front yard covered in hives.

    I yelled for Pilot and he came and grabbed the steroid shot from the house while I dialed the vet.
    He took pics while I talked to vet office. Dr. Matt was out on vacation.
    Tech showed pics to other vet who indeed said yes give the shot.

    Walked Jet to his stall where he promptly laid down in the shade.
    It took an hour but he improved. A fairly sleepless night keeping an eye on the golden boy.
    Pilot went by the vet office in the morning and got a couple more steroid shots to have on hand.

    Today he was fine. He and Tex played host to a couple teen girls wanting to learn to ride.
    Tomorrow his pal Amy is coming to ride him.
    We are going over to C's for a ride. C got a new horse.

    I did get the mares trimmed and Ed gave me an A. He is coming by next week sometime to do Jet's front shoes.

    I hope everyone is having a healthy no hive weekend!

  • Wow!! Such a scare.  Whisper had hives once and I am trying to tell myself it was ground bees not hives but I will never know for sure.  I am not looking forward to the three weeks from colic date for fear she will have another bout of it.  I did contact my horse dealer and ask him to be on the lookout for another horse for me, not that she is going somewhere but in case one of these times she doesn't come through it.  Each time she is a little bit worse and she has lost weight which is a real worry.  

    My barnyard and paddock are so close to the road and there is a culvert dip there so every truck or trailer that goes by makes a horrible noise...sure helps get a horse accustomed to road noises.  Too hot to ride anyway, but I want to be able to ride should I chose to do so.  I need to find someone with a brush hog to do the pasture.  I don't even use the big pasture.

    I have red squirrels devouring my BOSS that I put out for the birds...need to find a way to get rid of them without harming the birds.

    Hope all are well.

  • Here's a few ideas Connie:



    this last one is long and yet entertaining.  However, this fellow really needs a real job.


    Here's another funny one:


  • thanks.  the biggest problem with the tree rats is that I feed on the deck...scatter the seed and the critters just climb the supports or run across the house walls...board and batten house.  Now I have crows using this as a feeding station.  Thinking I might just stop feeding for a while and then resume I like the little birds...maybe change up for a while and feed small seed.

  • I put corn out for tree rats and deer. We have discovered a metal suet feeder that smaller birds can actually get into a caged area where the squirrels cannot. Another squirrel proof feed seems to be working, not 100% but my last fill of seed has lasted almost two weeks as opposed to 2 days. Also have to secure a couple feeders at night due to raccoons. We learned to try to have some easy tree rat food for them so they leave the feeders alone. We actually have a more diverse bird population this year. We have a Niger/Thistle feeder and no seems to like it but the birds, so it stays out.