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Time to catch up Thursday.

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Time to catch up Thursday.
  • Not a picture  most of us relish seeing.  This is Whisper Monday at noon when I went to give her lunch.  Covered in mud and a huge bellyache.  This is the most severe bout of colic she has had.  She has been getting one roughly every three weeks.  I need to find out if my vet can check her reproductive system or call out a vet with more equipment.  I think it is cycle related.  She lays down and really acts like a mare trying to foal.    During the course of bute, banamine (orally) and movement, the vet said to add soaked hay to her diet.  Grass is fine but in the stall she wanted her to have soaked hay.  Guess what horse now not only wants a bucket of hot water three times a day when the temps are in the high 80's but also wants soaked hay?  Yep.  

    Now, I do get along quite well with this vet and have known her for over 30 years.  She wanted gut sounds, did that.  She wanted temp, did that.  Then she wanted heart rate.  ?  Really?  Never asked me for that before.  She told me where to look and I informed her there was no pulse there so the horse must be dead.  She suggested some other location for finding a pulse.  I never did.  The mare is up, walking, nickering, eating so I think she must have a pulse.  

    The second night the vet and I were messaging .  I was using talk to text.  I really need to look at what the phone thinks I said before I send it.  The vet laughed at me...I looked to see what made her laugh and found that when I said I had a bucket of hay soaking for Whisper the phone wrote, "I got a bucket of Jesus soaking for when she goes back in".  I had prayers but that bucket had hay in it.

    So the horse is back to normal for her.  It is going to be another hot one here today so she is out now but will come in around noon and enjoy the fans.

    Hope all have a good day and that the horses are all doing fine.

  • WOW. W e have ALWAYS struggled finding a pulse. Have a stethoscope, can't find it. Vet last Spring educated us on finding it along the jaw bone. It still isn't easy but when we call for ER action we try to have all the vitals down before the call and could never have the pulse.  Maybe next time.

    Hmm, I don't read what I type until AFTER I hit send. Adds some humor to conversations.

  • the vet told me to feel her armpit.  Nope.  Then she said fetlock..Nope.  She then told me there is one  along the jaw but that she never could find it so she does't teach it.  I am thankful I have a stethoscope so I can actually hear gut sounds without putting my ear to her .  

    You are right about adding humor to conversations.  I think I will study up on pulse...I read in one place that you can get it just below the eye...I can see the vein and might be able to find it there when things are normal and I am not worried.

  • I can't even find a pulse on people...

  • Love it, Stude!!

  • That's because most people don't have a heart.